Adoption application form

Submitting a completed adoption application, either online or on paper, does not guarantee the pet will be yours. Our adoptions are always "first come, first serve" -- in other words, animals are adopted out to the first person applying for the animal who successfully completes the adoption process, which includes a screening interview, paperwork and payment. To help ensure you get the pet you want, please come to PetSmart as soon as possible after submitting the form to complete the process.

Please fill out all fields in the adoption application. If not applicable, just say "n/a".

The name of the primary adopter.
Your date of birth.
Street address, including apartment number (if any), City, State and Zip
Mailing address, if different from street address.
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Mobile phone number.
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The name of your employer. If you are a student, put "student". If you are not employed, put "n/a".
Work phone number
Name of the animal you are interested in adopting. You can get the name from PetFinder, crate cards at PetSmart, or ask a volunteer. If you are filling out a a general application for no pet in particular, enter "n/a".
How did you hear about us?
How long have you been looking for a pet?
Do you have other pets in your household? If so, what are their names, species (cat, dog, bird...) and age? If you have no other pets, enter "none".
Are they indoor or outdoor pets?
If you have had pets previously, tell us about them here.
What veterinarian do they see?
How long have you been using this vet?
How much would you expect to spend on this pet in the first year?
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Who lives in the household with you?
Who would take care of this pet in the event of your serious illness or death?
How many years have you lived at this address?
Do you rent or own your home?
If you rent, who is your landlord or Apartment Complex name, and what is the contact phone number? If you do not rent, enter "n/a"
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