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Pit mix

After losing 2 beloved pets, a Doberman named Damien at age 8 (who died of heart failure), and Sugar at age 15 (a diabetic diagnosed at age 11), we had our baby, Holly, who was blind and deaf. During that exact same time, I had back surgery and was home recuperating for about 3 months. Joe, my wonderful husband, had tested Sugar's urine 2x a day holding a ladle under her and gave her insulin accordingly. He nursed both of us. He kept Sugar going for another 9 months and she was chasing squirrels up until the day she died. We got Trixie (red and white dog in picture) as a companion, hearing-aid pet for Holly. Unfortunately, several months passed and we lost Holly at age 15, leaving Trixie (also rescue) alone.

For Valentine's Day a couple of years ago, my husband asked what I wanted for a gift -- my response was a toy for Trixie (used to be named Tia -- do the Honeymooners come to mind? Guess I'm dating myself!). Little did either of us realize that that toy would turn out to be a companion. You knew her as Midnight but she is now Alice. She was adopted 2 or 3 times but returned to you. Abused previously and scheduled to go be put down [by the local animal shelter], Puppy Hill Farm gave her a new chance for a good life. Seeing her at PetSmart looking like she didn't care if she lived or died, our hearts melted and we brought her home. She was terrified for a few months, but as you can see by picture, she is spoiled, happy and healthy. She is now 45 pounds and has no problem standing up to her big sister, now 75 pounds.

They love each other immensely and I couldn't imagine our lives without these adorable souls sharing our home. Both Trixie and Alice are pit bull mixes and they are wonderful, loving dogs. I still believe it's all in how they are raised (and just a little to how they are bred). My babies are good examples, I think, of the misconceptions of the breed.

I have convinced my husband that when we lose these babies, we will visit Puppy Hill Farm but will adopt an older dog to live out its life in comfort. We are seniors and don't want to leave behind a young dog but want to give a senior dog a chance at comfort and love during its declining years.

Adopting is the best (and coincidentally, I am adopted, myself)!!!!

Linda H. and family

Alice and Trixie, BFF