Animal Sanctuary

Puppy Hill Farm operates differently from many other rescues, including keeping a number of unadoptable animals as part of our Sanctuary. These are animals who have either been adopted long ago and returned, or who have had medical or socialization issues that have rendered them less than adoptable. For all of these animals, being at Puppy Hill Farm is the best life they know. They are safe, housed, well fed, and receive any needed medical attention and annual examinations. Most of them live in mini-groups with others whom they have known most of their lives. They romp and play and enjoy having big spacious areas in which to run.

Of course, it is costly to support these animals. The Sanctuary Animals are given heartworm preventative and flea control every month and they receive a vet examination and vaccinations yearly. Many of them are on other medications as well for arthritis or other chronic conditions. Puppy Hill Farm is committed to keeping these animals for the remainder of their lives and has dedicated areas of the farm for these animals. To ensure that we are able to continue to help them, we are offering Sanctuary Sponsorships. For a small monthly donation, you can help ensure that these animals can continue to be housed, fed and cared for. All Sanctuary Sponsorships are tax deductible and go directly to the ongoing support of our sanctuary animals.

To sponsor a Sanctuary animal, click the Pay Pal button below, enter the amount you want to contribute monthly, and click "make this a recurring donation". Or send us an email to make other arrangements: