Current name: 


Name at PHF: 


Date adopted: 

June 4, 2011

Age at adoption: 

10 weeks


Hound Mix (we think Beagle/Whippet, a.k.a. a Wiggle)

Saturday tends to be our day to run errands. Almost every Saturday we end up at Butler Plaza for one thing or another. We'd had our first dog, Bailey, since June 2009 and we would visit PetSmart to get the things we needed for her. While there, we would visit the dogs and cats that the shelters would bring in, and while we (at first) had no intention to adopt, it quickly became routine for us to make our weekly trip to PetSmart to love on the homeless puppies and kittens.

We had been doing this for about a year, and at some point in that year we began to discuss getting another dog. Usually there was one excuse or another -- busy at work, a long trip out of town, something that we';d find that justified why it just wasn't quite the time. That changed for us on June 4, 2011. Bryson (then Charlie) was the very first puppy we played with that day, and we both knew that he was the dog we had been waiting for. As soon as we approached the playpen he and his litter mates were in, he came right up to us and jumped up on the fence, just waiting for us to pick him up

We spent about half an hour cuddling with him in the store and playing in the grass just outside the store. Although we walked in to PetSmart not planning to bring home a new member of the family, after spending that time with Bryson, we knew we had a new addition to our household!

When we first brought him home, big sister Bailey was not too keen on the idea of sharing *her* home with another dog, but after a few days together she began to warm up to him. Bailey is a "pocket beagle" meaning that she's not a full size beagle but looks just like them. The people I got Bailey from had a rottweiler, so Bailey knew what it was like living with another dog. But in the two years that we've had her, she had grown comfortable being the only dog. It took a few days for her to warm up to the idea of having a baby brother, but now Bailey and Bryson are inseparable. They spend most of the day playing with each other, whether it's tug of war, just chasing after each other, or doing laps around the back yard. It's to see how much they enjoy being together. When we first brought Bryson home, Bailey was probably twice his size, but these days, that has been reversed. It's been interesting to watch the dynamics between the two shift as Bryson grew and grew and grew to be twice Bailey's size!

I'm so thankful that we were able to give Bryson his forever home. He certainly has a lot of puppy in him, but we couldn't ask for a better dog. He's been a great addition to our home and has brought us more joy and happiness than we could have imagined.

Justin and family

Bryson's first day home
Bryson and Bailey relaxing on the couch
Bryson on a throw rug under the end table