Current name: 


Name at PHF: 


Date adopted: 

June 2011

Age at adoption: 

8 months


Shepherd/lab mix

June 2011 I adopted the best dog that has ever been a part of my life. His given name was originally Thane but my boyfriend and I ended up re-naming him Buddy because, well he is everyone's buddy. It doesn't matter if you're a dog, cat, horse, bird, or human he wants to be your friend. He was only 8 months when I adopted him and as a shepherd/lab mix so he had plenty of growing to do. He is now about 70 pounds but he thinks he is a lap dog. He'll crawl into your lap if you lay down with him and will always try to get as close to you as possible.

At first he had separation problems and would cry when I needed to go to work or run errands. He would cry and cry but he has matured and now realizes I do return home to him. So now he doesn't cry when I leave nor right when I get home, though as soon as I let him out of his crate he goes crazy with excitement to see me. I don't think I have ever met a happier dog. He is still not allowed to be home alone out of his crate because he does become a little destructive as there's still is a small separation problem but I think as he ages he will grow out of it. He has never had an accident inside the house and even though he is allowed to roam the house at night he still chooses to sleep in his crate with the door open next to my bed.

His favorite activity is going to the barn to run around. The horses are great with him and he is great with the horses. He knows to keep his distance and to always listen to mom (he is very smart and a fast learner). I call him and he comes running 100% of the time. He loves trail rides! He sticks close by never going out of sight as he doesn't want us to leave him.

He even has his own backpack to carry his own water and snack for our hikes and rides. If we don't make it out to the barn that day he still gets to go on hikes through the woods as I am surrounded by amazing hiking trails!

Even though he has soo much energy when let outside to run, you would never know it because he is very content just laying around the house.

He thinks everyone he meets is the best, everything he does is the best... why everything is the best!!!!

You can never be sad being around him because he is always filled with so much joy and happiness. Basically he is the best dog ever, though that may be a somewhat biased comment!
Thank you for Buddy!

Heather and family

Buddy chilling in the yard
Buddy hiking in the woods
Buddy with his mom and horse friend