Callie and Tigger

Current name: 

Callie and Tigger

Name at PHF: 

Callie and Tigger

Date adopted: 

December 2008

Age at adoption: 

4 year old brother and sister



Callie and Tigger came to us following the death of our beloved "Peanut" who was 18 years old. Santa's helper delivered them to our door as a surprise for our granddaughter Bailey. The first few weeks they were a little scared, but quickly became accustomed to their new surroundings.

Callie loves to drink from the faucet. Any faucet! We have just recently moved to a farm in Ft. White on 5-acres and it has four bathrooms. She runs from sink to sink trying to decide which one she should ask to have turned on so she can drink! When she can't decide she yells at the top of her lungs for help! She also loves to drink from the tub faucet at the same time I'm trying to clean the tub.

The attached picture was not posed! Both Callie and Tigger love warm laundry fresh from the dryer. My husband sat this basket on the pool table and within 2 minutes they were settled in. They sleep in the bed with us or with my granddaughter depending on their mood.

We recently realized they've been with us less than a year and we feel like they've been part of our family for years!

Bless Puppy Hill Farm for all they do to care for abandoned animals. We could not ask for better pets than these two darling kitties.


Callie and Tigger love the laundry basket!