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February 14, 2008


Pit mix

We changed Rambo's name to Camo because of his brindle color and his obvious ability to blend in.

My boyfriend decided to give me a wonderful Valentines Day present. We have another Pit Mix named Sassy, and we wanted a play mate for her. We had been talking about getting another dog for a while, but knew it would be that much more responsibility. That day we planed to meet our family for lunch, but before we went to lunch Ben took me to PetSmart. I was a little confused at this, asking if we needed food for Sassy.

He was trying to play it cool saying that is exactly what we came for...... Little did I know, we walked right past the food aisles and made our way straight to the back of the store. Ben told me to pick whichever dog I wanted for Valentines Day. I was so excited and wished I could take all of them home with me, but I came across this cute pit mix pup with an adorable heart bandana around his neck (which we still have) sitting so quietly in his cage. I asked if I could open up the cage and play with him for a little while. The helper gave me a leash and we took him to the side to see how he would react with us. He was so sweet and gave a lot of kisses. I knew he was it, it was love at first sight : ) Camo is one of the sweetest dogs (of course I am a little biased haha). He is wonderful to cuddle with and a great addition to our family. Him and his sister are adorable together ! They are always laying near each other, and playing with each other as well. I am so very thankful for the people at Puppy Hill Farm for helping Camo get out of whatever kind of situation he was in. I can tell there was some sort of abuse/neglect because he has some difficulties with storms and other loud noises. He gets really shakey and tries to hide during these times. I just lay with him and rub him as much as I can to try and give him some comfort. We have made a lot of progress however. Every chance I get, I donate to Puppy Hill Farms so that these wonderful people can help other animals like they helped my Camo.

Thank you Puppy Hill Farm ! !>

Amber and Family

PS. I added a couple of singles of just Camo, but then I couldn't leave out the family Christmas Card photo : ) As well as the Gator game day outfit : ) Enjoy

Camo and Sassy in their Gator coats
Christmas family photo