Chelsea and Logan

Current name: 

Chelsea and Logan

Name at PHF: 

Chelsea and Logan

Date adopted: 

June 2008

Age at adoption: 

6 (Chelsea) and 3 (Logan)



Hi I'm Chelsea and our new life started when mom saw my picture on the web site. She was looking for a golden retriever to adopt to go to work with her in the nursing home. Everyone knows goldens are sweet and gentle so I was perfect, well almost. I was born with three legs but that hasn't stopped me!! Mom filled out the application and called Laurie. Mom was so happy when Laurie said she had been approved and made the arrangements to meet me at Petsmart in Gainesville. It was June of 2008.

I remember because the day before mom was supposed to come I got sick. Laurie called mom and told her I had been panting real hard and I wasn't even running or over heated. I guess mom was pretty convincing because Laurie agreed to bring me to the adoption event anyway. Mom spotted me in my pen. I think I was the only one that noticed mom was so happy she was holding back tears of joy! Remember my story started with "our" life? Well I wasn't alone in the pen. You see I was six years old and my friend Logan was three.<

We had lived together since Logan was a puppy Laurie told us we may be going to different new homes. Well we opened our eyes as wide as we could and when mom walked up we stood up and made sure our tails were happy! Laurie let mom take us both home to Jacksonville! ; Mom did promise Laurie she would take us to the doctor on Monday to make sure I was all right. When we got home I met dad and he's been my best friend since then. We met Dr. B for the first time on Monday and he gave me some medicine because I had pneumonia. I haven't had a sick day since.

I have arthritis now so I've retired from the nursing home. Mom makes sure I take my medicine every day so I'm always comfortable. I never really like being fussed over but Logan sure does! Logan follows mom everywhere or she's curled up close by she' so happy! Mom and dad never changed our names they still think we're perfect! Logan and I always have happy tails.

Thank you Laurie!

(Sadly, Chelsea passed away in 2012. This Happy Tail is in her memory.)

Chelsea and her best friend Logan
Frosty Paws are a great treat
Lazy Logan snoozes on the carpet