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March, 2014

Hi Puppy Hill Farm!

I adopted Chester (aka Toby) back in March. I just wanted to send you a quick and very heartfelt THANK YOU for finding him and bringing him into my life.

Toby is a very, very good boy who now walks calmly on a leash and obeys basic commands. He gets lots of socialization with daily trips to the dog park and weekends with my family's dogs and kids. He is good with children, other dogs and even cats (though he does like to play with them a bit).

We go all sorts of fun places together and everywhere we go people fawn over this handsome pup. As you can see his fur has grown back beautifully. We have daily brush time to keep it tangle-free and clean -- cuz boy does he love to get dirty! His favorite places to be are in my mom's backyard and curled up on the recliner while I crochet.

Thank you again for all the wonderful work you do. My life wouldn't be the same without my forever friend, Toby.


Photograph of Chester laying in the garden.
Photograph of Chester curled up on a quilt
Chester loves the dog park!