Dali Lama

Current name: 

Dali Lama

Name at PHF: 


Date adopted: 

July/August 2000

This is about the Dali Lama aka Dottie. We adopted "Dottie" about 15 years ago from Puppy Hill Farm. Your organization was just getting started and it was around July/August 2000. On this particular Saturday my husband was lost in Best Buy and I got bored and went to Petsmart to look around and there was a pen full of young dogs and I had patted each one on the head and this one particular white dog with two big brown spots on her back came up and licked me on the chin and I fell in love. So instead of getting the DVD that we went for, we came home with a dog.

We had the Dali Lama for the next 14 and half years and as we estimate her birthday to be in January/ February of 2000. In the first half of her life as a companion, she had a cat and for the most part she respected our cat and they got along fine. The cat passed away about 6 years ago and we adopted a new dog for Dali. His name is Flash. Dali and Flash were the best of friends and in time became a bonded pair. Flash was a teenager when we adopted him so she taught him how to dig, how to make a good dog hole to sun bath in, she taught him to hunt and many other useful skills. In short,she took him under her paw and mothered him. Flash always took directions from her and always respected her. Flash would complain loudly when she pushed him aside in his own kennel so Dali could eat his food but he allowed her to do it. He always deferred to her.

In the last year, Dali started to decline and then in the last few weeks she started to decline at a rapid pace and finally on June 27, she could no longer get up and walk and it became clear to us that she had given up and could not get up. As a family, we made the decision to not let her suffer and lose her dignity and she crossed the rainbow bridge. We all miss her very much. I find her fur daily in the nooks and crannies of the house and our belongings. I miss her following me around the house as she would dead stop in front of me as I was walking and so she would test my balance and agility. She was also my daily alarm clock as she went off most mornings at 530 which was fine as I get up at 6am each day for work. She was not a picky eater she loved almost any leftovers and would gladly help out. Most days I would come home for lunch and she was always laying in a sun beam in our bedroom with the tv on. We will miss Queen Dali.

Thank you for allowing us to have shared our life with the Dali Lama for the last 14 years.

> Sincerely,
> Ken and Sandy Durham-Sallot

photograph of Dali lying in the sun.