As a non-profit animal welfare group, Puppy Hill Farm relies on donations and adoption fees to cover our veterinary expenses. We have very low operating overhead and all donations go to cover the animals' medical needs. While all of the animals we take in require some veterinary care, many of them require extensive care from life on the road or as a result of injury or neglect. Adoption fees can never recoup these expenses for the more severe cases. With your support, we are able to continue to help more animals, saving them from a slow, painful, and lonely death or a certain death sentence at the pound. Our animals are placed in foster homes while returning to health and awaiting adoption. All prospective adopters are carefully screened before and after adoptions to ensure they are willing and able to offer a high quality of life to the animal they are adopting. We thank you again for your support as we continue to help the life at a time.

There are several ways to donate:

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Mail your check or money order made out to "Puppy Hill Farm" to the following address:
Puppy Hill Farm Animal Rescue, Inc.
P.O. Box 1743
Melrose, FL 32666

Give us a call: (352) 478-1444

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