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February 10, 2007


Pointer mix

Dear Puppy Hill Farm:

Thought you would get a kick out of these videos. We adopted Duke from Puppyhill Farm Animal Rescue on February 10, 2007 at Petsmart in Gainesville. His name at that time was Hector and he was from a large litter of puppies found in the woods without a mother. I believe you got the litter from the Alachua County Animal Shelter. He was listed as a Catahoola but he is surely Pointer mix if not purebred Pointer. My husband had a purebred Pointer as a boy that was named Duke and was the spitting image of our puppy, hence he is Duke II. He has been an absolute delight, He bonded immediately with us and our home. He walked in the door and said I'm home and I own it! Our older dog Moe accepted him right away. Moe is about 11 l/2 or 12 years old and my daughter adopted him at 1 1/2 from the Marion County Humane Society where she worked as a volunteer for a few years. Moe was with the shelter (and/or foster home) for his first 1 1/2 years until we got him. We celebrate Duke's birthday on Thanksgiving since that is the closest time we can figure to his birthdate.

The other puppy in the video is Remy, who was dumped on our road on Mother's Day weekend. He is about 4-6 weeks younger than Duke as far as can be determined. He was thought to be Weimaraner mix when he was small but as time goes by I think he is probably a Lab/Pit mix. Remy and Duke have a ball playing. Remy has no fear of anything and is quite congenial with people and so far other dogs. Duke has some separation anxiety and seems to be afraid of strangers. We are working on that. Duke still thinks he is 3 months old and still wants to get on our laps even when we are on the computer. He sleeps in our bed as do the other dogs. (Can get crowded). He is very sweet and sensitive.

Don't know how many people get back with you later about the dogs you adopt out but I wanted you to know that Duke is great and has a wonderful life. We have a 10 acre farm (the barn is in the background in the video) and the paddock he and Remy are playing in is right in front of the house. The horses seem amused by the puppies playing and they seem to know the dogs' names when we call them. All of our horses are now elderly. One of them in the video is over 30 years old. The barn is in the middle of the property with the house at the back. Duke won't go any further than the barn and once he gets down there he rushes right back to the house. Remy on the other hand likes to visit the neighbors and can go over the fences. We have 2 x 4 wire on board fencing and that makes no difference to Remy. We are trying to break him of that. We have to keep a close eye on Remy. Thank God Duke is a homebody!!

Anyway, congratulations on all that you have done for animals. So glad there are people like you out there. Hope you get the funding you need for all of these precious animals and I'll say a prayer for you. Have a wonderful holiday.

Patti G. and Family

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