Current name: 


Name at PHF: 


Date adopted: 

April 12, 2012

Age at adoption: 

1.5 years


Chow/lab/shepherd mix?

My boyfriend Brad and I always knew we wanted to get a dog together. Unfortunately, our first apartment wasn’t dog friendly, as our roommate had a very feisty cat! We waited eagerly until we moved into our new place and could finally bring another addition to our little family.

In the meantime, we would always go to the Petsmart adoptions to see all the dogs and puppies for adoption. We didn’t have the intention of finding the dog we wanted, but when we saw Harvey, it was love at first sight! When we inquired about him, we were told we had to petition to adopt him because we were under 21. However, after meeting with Laurie, we were told we could adopt him. Then, we only had to wait until we could bring him home.

The day we brought him home, Harvey was very nervous and spent the whole day pacing. We were told he might have never been in a home before. Brad had to work, but I stayed home for several days to make sure he acclimated well. In the meantime, I started teaching him tricks. In two weeks, he’d learn sit, stay, come, lay, shake, roll, and go to his crate!

Within a few days, Harvey became comfort at home. Very comfortable! He loves to sleep on his back with all of his legs out. Yes, in the picture "Harvey sleeping" he is actually sound asleep. It’s been over a year now since we’ve had Harvey, and we couldn’t be happier! We think he’s happy, too. This picture is on his one year “birthday” with us. We got him a jar of peanut butter- his favorite treat.

t took him a little while to get over being nervous around new people and dogs. When people first came over our home, he would keep his distance and be very tentative. But after making sure every person that came in gave him a treat, he now loves when people come over! He also had some difficulty around new dogs and would get overly focused on them whenever we passed by. But after a lot of counter conditioning, he now has no problem playing with dog friends! The photo "Harvey and Rufus" shows one of Harvey’s friends, Rufus, who came over to play.

We’re so glad to have Harvey in our life. Thanks Puppy Hill Farm!

Harvey's Birthday
Harvey and his friend Rufus
Sweet Harvey asleep