Current name: 


Name at PHF: 


Date adopted: 

October 2009

Age at adoption: 

1.5 years


Hound mix

My fiance, Glynn, and I were frequently at PetSmart on Saturdays looking at all the puppies. We had decided that something was missing in our lives and it was time to add someone and start growing a little family. We had visited a few different puppies and of course I fell in love with all of them. My fiance wasn't so easy to convince.

We were in the adoption section of PetSmart one afternoon and as soon as Glynn saw Jack (then, Earl) he was smitten. I thought Jack looked old and unhappy and was more interested in a playful, jumping on the fences, smaller dog. Glynn motioned for me to come over and the moment we looked in Jack's golden brown eyes we knew we were who he had been waiting on.

Come to find out, Jack had been adopted twice in the past. Once with his brother to a family that moved and gave him back because they could not take both of them, and once because he killed some chickens on his adoptive family's farm. The volunteers also said you could tell he had been neglected and yelled at because every time he entered a room and you didn't immediately acknowledge him, he hung his head and cowered. Looking at his big, brown, intelligent but sad eyes, we knew we had to change his life for good.

Glynn left to get his checkbook from our apartment and I filled out all of the application information. The Puppy Hill Farm volunteers were ecstatic that Jack had found a home and raved about his sweet, calm nature despite the "puppy" in him and his size (he was 60 lbs and came up to my knee).

When we went to leave PetSmart it became apparent Jack did not like his collar so we immediately bought him a leather harness and leash. Jack still refused to walk so my fiance picked him up and carried him through PetSmart all the way to the car! He didn't fuss and was very trusting.

Once Jack was home he spent a lot of time hiding in our bedroom behind our closet door or under the bed. After a couple of days he would sit in the same room with us, and eventually he would walk in front of us on a harness. He learned the words "cookie" and "good boy", and we showered affection on him. We were very patient with him and he proved to be very smart. Within two weeks he knew how to sit (before and after we walked him to put on/take off his harness), how to sit pretty on his haunches, how to dance, how to lie down, and how to give his paws. He immediately latched onto Glynn and when he would come home at night Jack would be waiting at the door wagging his tail.

It took us almost 3 years to get him comfortable with the idea of playing with toys, and now he is very friendly with new and old friends. We just taught him the idea of his bed and he sleeps on it all day, everyday.

He has never bitten anyone, ran away, or even barked. He thinks himself to be 5 lbs and will jump into our laps on the couch to cuddle, or spoon us in our bed. If we kiss or hug he is there pushing his wet nose between us smiling happily. We refer to him lovingly as "fat boy" and he recognizes this term of endearment and repays us with snuggles and kisses.

I really can't express how much we love him and he has truly made our family complete. Thanks to everyone at Puppy Hill Farm for giving us this chance, and we appreciate you more than you know.

Danielle, Glynn and Jack :-)

Jack with beautiful brown eyes
Jack the lap dog
Jack sitting pretty