Current name: 


Name at PHF: 


Date adopted: 

March 3, 2008

Age at adoption: 

9+ years


Pit bull mix

Kobie is a brindle pit bull mix that was taken into Puppy Hill Farm when he was just a puppy. He was adopted to a kind home, but unfortunately his owner developed severe cancer, and reluctantly had to be returned to Puppy Hill Farm because she could no longer care for him.

So, weekend after weekend and year after year, Kobie came to adoption events almost every week, but was not adopted. Puppy Hill Farm cared for him for nearly eight years. He became the mascot and poster child for our organization, and he even wrote a dog advice column in our annual newsletter!

We were beginning to think that the poor, gentle, and toy-loving guy would never be adopted until on March 3, 2008, after a long, detailed interview with his prospective foster parents, we are happy to say that Kobie has now found a good home. His new mom is a veterinary technician specializing in anesthesiology, and his new dad is earning his Ph.D. in chemistry. He is now united with his new family and new dog-pal where he can spend time lounging and receiving lots of attention and love.

All of us at Puppy Hill farm are thrilled that Kobie finally has found a home of his own, and Kobie, we wish you "Good Luck!" and "Stop back to visit!"

Laurie and Calvin say goodbye to Kobie on his adoption day
Kobie with his new mom and dad