Levi and Grits

Current name: 

Levi and Grits

Name at PHF: 

Hammond and Bailey

Date adopted: 

February 2007 (Levi) and 2008 (Grits)

Age at adoption: 

14 weeks (Levi)


English pointer mix (Levi) and Beagle boxer mix (Grits)

Levi is an energetic boy who LOVES to run and is fast as lightning. He likes fresh vegetables, having his ears scratched, going for rides and stealing socks out of the laundry. Even though we don't have any (human) children of our own, we learned that Levi really likes kids and is gentle and aware whenever they are around. Levi is a smart guy who always aims to please.

But it wasn't always easy with Levi. There were times early on that we wondered if we had done the right thing. You see, he followed me everywhere I went constantly biting the back of my legs. All my pants had holes in them and several shirttails too! He was stubborn (multiplied by a million) and I had to remind myself, sometimes several times a day, that we made a promise to this dog when we adopted him and we simply would not give up on him.

On top of the usual puppy chewing and general mischief, he would lie down on even the shortest walks, refusing to continue. We would stand him up and he would immediately flop down. Stand up, flop down, stand up, and flop down. Then we'd carry him home and try again the next day. We took him to obedience school where he would flop down in the middle of an exercise, and again, refuse to stand up, refuse to do anything! This caused him to be referred to as the "jello dog". The instructor was very kind to give him a diploma on the last day. He ate it on the way home.

Eventually Levi decided that following me around and biting the back of my legs was no longer that much fun. He also came to enjoy going on walks and learned that doing what we asked resulted in treats and fun. He now loves to please us and anyone else who asks him to come, sit, speak or lay down. Levi is simply a wonderful dog and our lives wouldn't be the same without him.

About a year after we adopted Levi, we went to the huge adoption event at the mall and found Grits.

Grits is a simple girl. What she lacks between her big ears she more than makes up for with her sweet disposition. Her tail hardly stops wagging, and just when you think she's sound asleep, you can whisper her name from across the room and hear her tail start - thump thump thump. She wants nothing more than to love and be loved.

She quickly made herself at home and Levi was pleased to have a sister. She was an incredibly easy puppy to house train, but her independence and her desire to sniff everything in sight made it difficult to learn basic come, sit and stay commands. She can easily spend hours stalking the same small critter in the yard and she even moved a small stack of wood in search of a mole! She digs holes and is usually covered in dirt, but she doesn't mind and neither do we. She's afraid of thunder and wind, and generally anything that makes much noise at all, including the refrigerator at the vet's office.

She's even afraid of her own "wind" -- you'll hear her toot and then she's off like a rocket to the nearest person to seek comfort! She howls for food or to get your attention, and with Grits around there is no need to sweep the kitchen floor. She snores. Loud. Really loud. And, despite her insecurities, lack of normal intelligence, and sometimes general stinkyness, we think she's just about the best dog ever. You simply can't have a bad time if you're hanging out with Grits.

We moved from Florida to Vermont in late 2008 and both dogs have adjusted well and love to play in the snow. They have lots of room to run and play and have made some new friends too!

Carrie, Dan, Grits & Levi

Levi and Grits lounging
Levi hanging out on the porch
Grits on her doggie bed