Current name: 

Maybellene (goes by Mable)

Name at PHF: 


Date adopted: 

April 2013

Age at adoption: 

about 4 months


Walker Hound / Beagle x

Coming from a "cat" family, it never really occurred to me to have a dog. I was rather content with my cat, Sassafras, who I've had for seven years now. However, in early April of 2013, a couple of friends of mine enticed me to PetSmart on a Saturday morning with the promise of a visit with their newborn baby. As I was holding the baby, I looked up and locked eyes with this adorable hound dog sitting in the second-story crate. It was an instantaneous electric feeling, one that I have never felt before, nor since.

My Grandfather had passed away in early January, and I had taken it pretty hard. I took care of my grandparents on and off for a couple of years as his health was failing, and he still had his favorite hound dog, Dee Dee, to the end - they passed away around the same time. I like to think that it was Dee Dee and my Grandfather's spirits leading me to Maybelline. When I took her out, she was about as crazy as a bedbug. Everything excited her and I don't think there was a calm moment between us - certainly not the ideal encounter to determine compatibility! I decided to be diplomatic and check out some of the other dogs, but when I saw someone else petting her my first thought was "that's MY baby!" So the decision was made and this "new" mom went crazy with treats and toys and beds and... let's just say I was flat broke after we got home.

When I took her home to my condo, Sassafras (who goes by Sassy) was horrified. She promptly retired to the porch and I barely saw her for a month! Mable was right at home instantly - first thing she did was hop in my bed and snuggle up! However, within the week, I realized it wasn't working - Mable had too much energy for my little condo and poor Sassy was being kept prisoner in her own home. Well, there was only one option. I called my Realtor and we put my condo up for sale the next day! The stars aligned and I sold two days later and found the absolute perfect home with a HUGE yard with tons of grass and running room for my "Merbers." It's been almost a year living in the house and I can honestly say Mable, Sassy, and
I are very happy. One of Mable's favorite activities is running up the plastic rock wall of the playground the previous owners left and standing atop the fort, looking down on her domain and watching for rogue frogs and lizards. She loves to "talk" and always entertains visitors with her chats.

Even though she remains one of the most hyperactive, attention deficit, accident prone mammals to walk the earth, never for a moment have I felt anything less than complete joy when I am around her. When we go to bed at night and she curls up in my arms and Sassy curls up at my feet, I feel whole. I truly appreciate everything that Puppy Hill Farms has done for
both Mable and myself, and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for uniting us.

Mabel and Sassy