Current name: 


Name at PHF: 


Date adopted: 

Fall 2003

Age at adoption: 

8 weeks


Australian Shepherd/Lab mix

I can't tell you all how many times I've answered the question "Where did you get that amazing dog?" I usually just say, "she's adopted", but sometimes I the whole story of how my (very truly awesome) dog Paris came into my life.

It had been a month since the very sudden passing of my little Roxy, a Rhodesian Ridgeback. I felt like my heart was missing, but my two cats did their best to fill the void left behind. I resolved not to try to replace Roxy, but knew if I were to get another dog I would opt for more of a Labrador or Australian Shepherd breed.

Now, it was nothing out of the norm to make a quick stop by Petsmart for cat provisions on any given Saturday. That day, with a basket full of litter and cat food, I decided to stop by the adoption area set up by Puppy Hill Farm. (You know, just in case they had a lab or aussie.) One puppy in particular stood out to me, she was black and white, 8 weeks old and sitting at full attention, staring me down. She tried her hardest to keep her "perfect sit" pose going without letting her wagging tail throw her off balance. I picked her up and almost immediately one of the Puppy Hill volunteers said "She's the runt, they're Australian Shepherd/Lab mixes". Music to my ears. I fell immediately in love, but I wanted to be sure, so I put this little "Arizona" puppy to the test in the play area. That little dog played a mean game of fetch for nearly an hour. (Talk about attention span!) That sealed the deal... she was mine. I did the paperwork and waited the full week until she'd be mine (shots/spay).

That was the first and last time that dog ever played a proper game of fetch.

Paris is the most gentle, kindhearted and friendly dog I've ever known. Paris makes and keeps friends wherever she goes, both human and furry. She's moved across country and back again, mothered every little foster animal that's come and gone from our home and has kissed more babies than a politician. It's been 10+years and she's slowing down, but she still loves the beach (afternoons, when the sand isn't too hot), couchtime cuddlefest, every vegetable a dog is allowed to eat, visits to her other family at my office and will still catch a ball, but she promptly drops it on the ground where she stands.

Thank you for helping me find my best friend. She's been a joy and will be in my heart forever.


Paris as a puppy
Paris lounging at the beach
Pretty Paris portrait