Current name: 


Name at PHF: 


Date adopted: 

November 2010

Age at adoption: 

2.5 years


Whippet/Pit Bull mix

Adopting a dog was something I had always wanted to do, but I wanted to make sure I was financially stable enough to care for a dog properly. When I saw the signs on the road advertising PetSmart's National Pet Adoption Weekend, I thought, maybe I'm ready, and decided to visit their website to see what dogs would be available. I looked through all of the pets from most of the shelters, hoping for a dog to catch my eye. When I found Peanut's listing, I knew she was special. Her foster mom had written a fantastic (and, now that I know her, extremely accurate) description, and Peanut sounded like the perfect pet--house/crate trained, snuggly, playful, and smart. I decided I would go to the event to at least see her in person, but I still hadn't convinced myself I was going to adopt.

I was happy to see she was still available. I walked around the store with her for about an hour. Despite the chaos of the scene, with dozens of dogs barking and roaming, Peanut was calm. She didn't bark or pull; she just walked around with me, sat when asked, and happily returned to her crate when I put her back in. I was in love, but I didn't want to make a brash decision, so I left, determined to sleep on it.

I knew before I got home that she was the one. I had heard about Whippets and how smart and mild-mannered they are. To this day, I still can't believe I left her there that first day; anyone could have snatched her up! I arrived back at the store at 8:00 AM the next morning, right when the event started. After a little bit of paperwork, Peanut was mine!

Peanut taught me a lot of things right away. I learned to keep the pantry door shut and all food (even sealed) out of reach, because dogs will eat anything, even if it's tightly closed in tupperware (nothing stands between her and cookies) or neatly sealed in plastic wrap, a paper bag AND a plastic bag (I will always wonder how that expensive, gourmet block of cheddar tasted...). I learned that a garbage with a lid is not enough to keep a dog out, because it can easily be turned over. (Needless to say, I now own a heavy-duty, stainless-steel garbage can.) I learned that shoes are not safe when left on the floor when I leave the house, because they make excellent chew toys. And I learned how to clean a variety of substances out of carpet, because accidents happen.

Once we got over that first-few-months hump, though, I learned that Peanut is the best thing that ever happened to me. She is so incredibly smart (sometimes too smart) and learns tricks easily. She is cuddly and loving beyond compare. Her favorite thing to do is to curl up like a baby deer next to me and snuggle (after spending 10 minutes rearranging the pillows to her liking, of course). She is obedient, loyal, and extremely protective, and she is the fastest dog in the dog park. She is full of laughs, and she wins the heart of everyone who meets her. Every day, when I leave for work, she stands at the door and watches me off with sober eyes, but when I get home, she's in the same spot, tail wagging, mouth stretched into a smile. When I'm sad, she's there to lick my tears, rest a comforting paw on my leg, and mope around with me till I feel better. On car rides, she loves to stick her whole body out the window to feel the wind in her ears--a true road warrior! To me, she is the perfect combination of Whippet and Pit Bull.

I've never met another dog like Peanut. I can't imagine why her previous owners gave her back to the shelter, but I am so proud to be her owner and to be the one to give her a forever home. Thank you, Puppy Hill Farm, for finding me my best friend!

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