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Date adopted: 


Age at adoption: 

1.5 years


Whippet / hound mix

We adopted Savannah about a month ago and she has been having a blast! She loves going to the park with our roommate's dog, Blue. They have a great time wrestling in the dirt and even occasionally beg to go! She has a bit of a shy nature and it has taken her a bit to get used to friends coming over, but slowly she's understanding that not everyone needs to be hidden from and she's even beginning to try and get some new people to play with her.

Her favorite thing to do is cuddle on the couch and watch Animal Planet. Seriously, she will sit and actually watch the television any time that we have Animal Planet on, even though she could care less about any other shows. I hate that we couldn't adopt her sooner thanks to our previous apartment's no pets rule, but I'm so thankful that she stayed available for as long as she did because she truly is the perfect dog for us!

Thalion and family

Savannah on her easy chair
Savannah with her dad