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Name at PHF: 


Date adopted: 

March 2011

Age at adoption: 

8 months


Newfoundland mix

My husband and I adopted "Marco", a Newfoundland mix, in March '10, he when he was 8 months old. He is now named Thor. We got Thor to be a companion to our Hybrid, Hecate, and it was the best thing we ever did. I first saw Thor at PetSmart and fell in love with him instantl. We asked to adopt him, but at the time the adoption counselor didn't think it would work. Well after going home and thinking about it for a few days I could not let it go. I called Puppy Hill and spoke with the director who met with me the next day (at 8am in the morning - bless her heart) and she saw the way Hecate and Thor got along and found no problem with us adopting him.

Thor was completely housebroken when he came home, no accidents or other bad habits. Over the course of the last year he has developed a male aggressive behavior towards other dogs that we are currently working hard to break. Thor has been a great addition to our lives. Thor is the first dog I have ever had that loves squeaky toys. Every morning he gets up and grabs his favorite toy and butts it up against me to make it squeak saying "Play with me!".

He and his sister love to run around in our fenced yard tackling, wrestling, and chasing each other for hours. At night he is my snuggle bear, he gets in bed with me and curls up beside me and won't leave till my husband comes home. THANK YOU so much for allowing this wonderful baby to be a part of our family!!

Dee S. and Family

Thor and Hecate
Thor loves his toys