UF Campaign for Charities Helps Us Help the Animals

Are you a University of Florida employee? Want a simple way to help a great cause? Consider donating to Puppy Hill Farm for this year's Campaign for Charities!

$25 neuters a kitten
$50 spays a small dog
$500 treats a large dog for heartworms
$1100 feeds our animals for a month

To make your donation now, simply go to ufcc.ufl.edu and click the "Pledge Now" link. Or go to the myUFL secure sign on, My Self Service and then "UFCC Sign On," which will direct you to the UFCC pledging site. Thank you!

Thank you for your votes -- WE WON!

Thanks to every one who voted for Puppy Hill Farm as the September Charity of the Month in the SunState Federal Credit Union contest. Because of you we won the $1000 top prize! Every penny will go to helping us help the animals.

You may not know this, but Puppy Hill Farm has no paid director and no paid adoption staff. We're among the rescues with the lowest overhead. Donations to PHF go to animal care, veterinary care, pet food, kitty litter and other direct expenses.

Happy Tail: Storm

The day Talquin was adopted we drove home in a big thunder storm. My sister (at the wheel) was scared for the kitty. I was scared for us all. For a long while we couldn't see in front of us. There was just too much rain! However, Talquin was laying quietly in his carrier and never made a peep.
My sister said that I should name him Storm.
And I agreed. :-)
Since then two more big storms have come through and each time he never fretted. That's my little guy! :-)


Hi Puppy Hill Farm!

I adopted Chester (aka Toby) back in March. I just wanted to send you a quick and very heartfelt THANK YOU for finding him and bringing him into my life.

Toby is a very, very good boy who now walks calmly on a leash and obeys basic commands. He gets lots of socialization with daily trips to the dog park and weekends with my family's dogs and kids. He is good with children, other dogs and even cats (though he does like to play with them a bit).

Dali Lama

This is about the Dali Lama aka Dottie. We adopted "Dottie" about 15 years ago from Puppy Hill Farm. Your organization was just getting started and it was around July/August 2000. On this particular Saturday my husband was lost in Best Buy and I got bored and went to Petsmart to look around and there was a pen full of young dogs and I had patted each one on the head and this one particular white dog with two big brown spots on her back came up and licked me on the chin and I fell in love. So instead of getting the DVD that we went for, we came home with a dog.


Coming from a "cat" family, it never really occurred to me to have a dog. I was rather content with my cat, Sassafras, who I've had for seven years now. However, in early April of 2013, a couple of friends of mine enticed me to PetSmart on a Saturday morning with the promise of a visit with their newborn baby. As I was holding the baby, I looked up and locked eyes with this adorable hound dog sitting in the second-story crate. It was an instantaneous electric feeling, one that I have never felt before, nor since.


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