Coming from a "cat" family, it never really occurred to me to have a dog. I was rather content with my cat, Sassafras, who I've had for seven years now. However, in early April of 2013, a couple of friends of mine enticed me to PetSmart on a Saturday morning with the promise of a visit with their newborn baby. As I was holding the baby, I looked up and locked eyes with this adorable hound dog sitting in the second-story crate. It was an instantaneous electric feeling, one that I have never felt before, nor since.

129 Adoptions!

The Schroeder family adopts a blind Cocker Spaniel and a Siamese cat.

Puppy Hill Farm adopted out 129 animals to good, loving homes on the Saturday and Sunday of Maddie's Adoptathon Weekend! And here are two of them! Lady, the blind Cocker Spaniel, and Meridia, the Siamese cat, both found their forever homes with the fabulous Schroeder family! We're so happy for Lady and Meridia and for all the dogs, cats, puppies and kittens who went from farm to family. A big thank you to all our wonderful volunteers, and to everyone who opened their hearts this weekend.

Toy holder

Is your house a mess? Toys and balls strewn all over? Come to PetSmart this Saturday and check out this little toy holder. He'll keep everything in one place in easy paws reach, right under his little snoot!

Happy New Year!

Rose is waiting for her forever home.

Wishing a very Happy New Year to all our friends!

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